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         Online resources to help you plan for long-term care.

Aging in Place-
  MetLife Mature Market Institute’s workbook on your home as a care setting

Alzheimer’s Association
 Supportive services for patients and families coping with Alzheimer’s disease


Basics of long-term care:

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance quiz: 10 Things you should know about long-term care
 Take this quiz to find out how much you really know about long-term care

Kiplinger's Personal  Finance Long-Term Care Center - video
  Advise on planning and paying for future long term care by Kiplinger's Personal Finance


Cost of Care:

Compare long-term care costs across the U.S.
  Interactive site helps you determine the cost of care in different settings across the United States


Estate Planning Basics for Long-Term Care:

Advanced health care directive  

  What it is and why it is important (download the form for Texas)

Advanced health care directive
  What this important document can mean for you and your family

Elder Care Matters Alliance 
 America’s #1 online source for Elder Care Experts plus information & answers about a wide range of elder 
  care matters


Family Caregiving:

Seven Things You Should Know About Your Loved Ones

  A guide for adult children caregivers: How to talk with your loved one and subjects to cover

How to Initiate the Conversation with Your Parents About Health Care Issues
  Elder Options of Texas discusses how to talk with your aging parents about long-term care

Levels of Caregiving
  Be informed, be prepared- understanding caregiving

CAPS- Children of Aging Parents
  Information, referral services, and educational outreach for children of aging parents

About being a family caregiver
  Advice and support for family caregivers

   Tools, work sheets and tips on how to plan, prepare and succeed as a caregiver

Financing long-term care:

Own Your Future Texas
   Help for Texans in planning and paying for long-term care

Long-Term Care
  Administration on Aging i
nformation and resources to help plan for future long-term care

 "The Next Step"
   Free Kiplinger's workbook, Planning Ahead for L
ong-Term Care

Texas Dept of Insurance Long-Term Care Resources
  Consumer information on long-term care resources in Texas

Options of paying for long-term care
  Understanding and comparing the various methods of paying for finance long-term care

Kiplinger's Personal Finance resource center - video
Kiplinger's no-nonsense look at long-term care -- and how to pay for it


Geriatric Care Manager

National Association of Geriatric Care Managers
  The role of a geriatric care manager in family caregiving

Locate a Geriatric Care Manager in Texas
  Working with families to evaluate an elder’s situation and find resources to meet their preferences and

TAGS: Tarrant Area Gerontological Society    
 Advocating for the needs of older adults in order to make Tarrant County a good place to grow old

Government Programs:  Medicare and Medicaid 


New to Medicare? Medicare eligibility and enrollment date calculators
Interactive site to determine your eligibility for Medicare benefits and important enrollment dates

Medicare basics 
 Understanding Medicare is no easy task. Get your questions answered

Overview of Medicare
 Basic information on Medicare, what it is, who is covered, and some  options for choosing Medicare  

Medicare plan finder 
 step-by-step guide to finding the best Medicare Plan for you 


About Medicaid 
   Basic information about Medicaid, what it is, who is eligible, and benefits

Texas Medicaid Estate Recovery Rules
  Texas estate recovery rules for certain beneficiaries receiving Medicaid paid long-term care benefits

Texas Department on Aging brochure on estate recovery rules

  How Texas estate recovery can affect you and your family


Housing and support services:

Texas Senior Living, Care and Resources:
What you need to know to make an informed decision about your own and your loved one's future housing 
  and care

Senior housing options: About home care, assisted living and retirement homes, a review and comparison
  Locate, review and compare home based and facility housing options

Home Health Care Agencies: locate and compare in Texas
  Help with locating a home health agency in your area; what to look for, how to compare

National Association for Home Care & Hospice
gencies, aide organizations, and hospice providers for in-home health care and support services  
  in Texas

Adult Day Care facilities: locate and compare in Texas
  Help locating an adult day care facility in your area

Assisted living facilities: locate and compare in Texas
  Locate and compare assisted living facilities in Texas

Skilled nursing facilities: locate and compare in Texas
  Locate and compare nursing facilities in Texas

Elder Locator Services:
National guide to locating community based services for seniors


Legal Resources:

National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse
  The nation's clearinghouse on information and materials on elder abuse and neglect

Elder Law Answers: 
Attorneys provide information on crucial legal issues facing seniors

Elder Care Matters:  
   Help for families planning for and dealing with issues of aging; resources 

Texas Elder Law Attorneys: 

   Katten & Benson Attorneys at Law- comprehensive planning services for chronically ill and aging adults

Long-Term Care Insurance:


My Life. My Family.
 A consumer’s  guide to understanding the risks of needing long-term care and the valuable financial  
 protection long-term care insurance provides

Texas shopper's guide for Long-Term Care Insurance
  Download a free consumer shopping guide for long-term care insurance from the Texas 
  Department of Insurance

A.M. Best ratings for long-term care insurance companies
  Link to A.M. Best carrier ratings

2011 one page tax summary for long-term care premiums and benefits
  Learn about the tax benefits available for long-term care premiums and benefits

Texas Partnership Policies
  Insurance companies participating in the Texas Partnership Program 

LTC Insurance Providers in Texas:

Texas Long-Term Care Insurance Specialist certified in long-term care (CLTC):        
Texas long-term care broker representing top insurance companies; Texas partnership certified
Texas Medicare Supplement Accredited Advisor: 
Texas Medicare Supplement insurance specialist representing multiple insurers



American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance  
 Provides the most current and objective information on long-term care in order to educate consumers and 
 help them make informed decisions

CLTC: Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification 
he long-term care insurance industry's only independent professional designation focused on  long-term 
  care planning and the critical tools necessary to address it

National Association of Health Underwriters
  NAHU members serve the health insurance needs of large and small employers as well as people 
  seeking individual health insurance coverage

Veterans Benefits and Long-Term Care
    Understanding Veterans Benefits and Long-Term Care


Why long-term care is important for Women 
Long-term care planning is critical for women who are predominately the caregivers and care receivers

Issues of aging unique to women 
 OWL:Older Women's League striving to improve the status and quality of life for midlife and older women  

Women's Institute For A Secure Retirement
  Improving the long-term financial security of all women through education and advocacy

   What does the CLTC designation stand for and why the professional you work with should have this designation

     Member Elder Care Matters Alliance
America’s #1 online source for elder care experts plus information & answers about a wide range of elder care matters

 Member National Association Health Underwriters


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