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                                  Mission Statement
My goal is to educate my clients and the larger Texas
                                            community about the importance of long-term care planning and
                                                to provide needs based long-term care insurance to protect
                                                                    families, their future and finances.

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    Welcome to Long Term Care Insurance Solutions, your source for
                            long-term care planning information and insurance.

    Long Term Care Insurance Solutions is dedicated to educating Texans on the need to plan ahead for their future
    long-term care and to consider private insurance as a vehicle to fund that care.   It is our goal to educate you on the    
    complicated issues of long-term care so that you and your family are better prepared if the need arises and so that
    you can be an informed and satisfied shopper for long- term care insurance coverage.

    My personal experience is that no other life event is as devastating to a person's lifestyle, security and finances as
    needing long-term care. And the consequences to family members who often become the caregiver for their loved one 
    can be devastating to the family's emotional, physical and financial well being. Taking the time now to become informed 
    and plan ahead for long-term care
 can ensure a better outcome for you and your family when care is needed. 
    We provide the expertise to answer your questions, help simplify the complicated world of long-term care insurance
    and communicate the planning aspects clearly and directly.  We work with multiple insurance companies and make our 
    recommendations based upon your specific needs. We also provide links to articles, information and resources to help
    you plan.  Long-term care is our specialty, it is all we do!

    Below are links to help answer many of the common questions we get as well as helpful information for consumers.

    What to look for in a Long-Term Care Policy                                      About Medicare  
      About Medicaid
Long-Term Care Costs in Your Area                                                                      What are LTC Partnership Policies?

    Long-Term Care Planning Resources                                     Talking to Parents about Long-Term Care
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                                                          Advisor's Corner  
                                                         Hidden Truths about Long Term Care Insurance
                                                                          Should You or Shouldn't You?
Forbes- Personal Finance
                                                                                September 16, 2011

                                          How to Plan for High Long Term Care Costs - Fox News (video)                                    

"State Medicaid programs have, by default, become the major form of insurance for
         long-term care. Medicaid estate planning has increasingly become a way for middle income Americans to impoverish themselves to the point that they can become eligible for Medicaid. The current system is consuming
                                                        both state and federal budgets and is unsustainable." 

                                                                        Texas Governor Rick Perry 
                                              Source: Center for Long Term Care Reform January 11, 2013

                                                     Find out more about the 3in4 Need More tour across     
                                                        America to educate people on the importance of    
preparing for long-term care now. 

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